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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading university, internationally recognised for its distinguished teaching, research, and standards.

Our Mission

We are to achieve excellence in the (inter)national areas of higher education by focusing on:

  • Learning: ATU gathers a community of eager and independent learners, all headed toward gaining academic knowledge.
  • Discovery: ATU expands and broadens knowledge, understanding, and academic horizons.
  • Responsibility: ATU plays a positive role in the success of the country, in a variety of areas.
  • Academic Entrepreneurship: ATU encourages learners to gain an entrepreneurial spirit toward knowledge and skill they learn at university.
  • Research: ATU is famous for research in Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Student Welfare: ATU creates a comfortable atmosphere for all students to be able to gain knowledge and skill, and strengthen their understanding.

Our Goals

In ATU we pursue the following goals:

  • improving the quality of education according to national and international standards;
  • developing Interdisciplinary courses and fields;
  • educating domestic and international students;
  • growing qualitative and quantitative research based on the needs of the society;
  • developing ATU research publications;
  • commercializing ATU research findings;
  • developing the air of theorizing and critical thinking;
  • enhancing the collaborations of the university with industry and society;
  • maintaining and enhancing the scientific collaborations with the national and international universities, research centers, and educational institutions;
  • reviving the modern Iranian-Islamic culture , civilization, and ethics;
  • enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem among students;
  • improving students’ physical and mental health;
  • improving students’ welfare: accommodation, nutrition, insurance, etc.;
  • developing the spirit of  entrepreneurship and creativity.