How to get to the Faculty

Located at Allameh Tabataba'i University's central campus, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPES) is located in the Dehkade-ye Olampik neighborhood, Tehran. Depending on whether you are visiting the faculty from inside or from outside Iran, the content below assists you in finding the easiest way to get to the campus.


If you are visiting FPES from outside Iran


If you are visiting our campus from outside Iran, your first point of contact within Iran will be the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Being so large an airport that it is entitled the "Imam Khomeini Airport City", the IKIA provides you with different local transport means. In what follows, useful information is provided on the available transport options for you to get to the FPES.


Using Airport Taxi

Imam Khomeini Taxi

Due to the far distance between the IKIA and the campus, we suggest you choose the Airport Taxi as your first choice. There are, of course, other means, including the Metro, to use but as the Metro in this direction is a bit too long, the taxi is more preferable. It usually takes about an hour to move to the FPES from the IKIA by taxi.

According to the IKIA website, the IKIA taxi service is working 24/7 and provides passengers with insurance, safety, and a comfortable trip to all parts of Tehran.

As many other international airport taxi services, the IKIA Taxi is also available for rent. More detailed information about this service is available at the IKIA Website.



Using the Subway/Underground Railway System


Tehran is equipped with a large underground / subway railway system, commonly known as the "Metro". To date, Tehran Metro contains 7 active lines, involving more than 120 active stations. Fortunately, there are metro stations in both the airports of Tehran. Therefore, the metro is suggested as the fastest and safest public transport means to move to the city center.

You can click on the image below to download the high-resolution English version of the Tehran Metro Map.

Tehran Metro Map download

To move from the IKIA to the faculty by Metro, you have to enter the "Emam Khomeini Airport" Station, located immediately by the exit of the IKIA, and take the following route:

  1. Board the metro and get off in the station named "Shahed-Bagher Shahr" to change trains. In this station, you have to follow the signs and get on the underground train terminating in the "Tajrish" Station;
  2. You have to remain in the metro for 13 stations and get off in “Darvazeh Dowlat” Station;
  3. In the “Darvazeh Dowlat” Station, you have to enter Line 4 terminating in "Eram-e Sabz" Station.
  4. From here, you have to go to and get off in the Station named "Meydan-e Azadi". In this station, you should exit the underground.
  5. In the Meydan-e Azadi (Azadi Square) terminal, there are taxis taking you directly to Dehkade-ye Olampik. You can ask other taxi drivers for the line assigned to Dehkade-ye Olampik. From the Azadi Square, it should take about 20 minutes to get to the Campus by taxi.


Important note: The Tehran Metro is generally working from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. However, the start and end working time of the Imam Khomeini Station is 06:50 a.m. and 08:10 p.m. Therefore, if you arrive at the airport outside this time range, you can use the IKIA Taxi Service, actively working day and night. More information about Airport Taxi is provided below.



If you are visiting FPES from inside Iran


If you are currently inside Iran and intend to visit our campus from any city inside the country, you have to first move to Tehran. Depending on the transport vehicle you use, the following possible routes are available to get to the faculty.

In what follows, information is provided on the available transport options for you to get to Tehran and then to the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.



Getting to Tehran by plane

If you choose to travel to Tehran by airplane, regardless of the city you move from, you will arrive at Mehrabad Airport, located in West Tehran. Similar to the IKIA, you are suggested to use one of the following transport methods: Metro or Taxi. As the Mehrabad Airport is located near the campus, our first suggestion is the Airport Taxi. Otherwise, the Metro is also available to get to FPES.


Using Airport Taxi

In the Mehrabad Airport, there are offices where you can take taxi to different parts of Tehran. You need not worry as the Taxis work day and night and there are standard rates applied for all passengers. It should take about 20 minutes to arrive the FPES by taxi.


Using the Subway/Underground Railway System


As mentioned above, Tehran's Subway / Underground Railway System, named simply the "Metro", works from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The Metro stations located in Mehrabad Airport are named the "Mehrabad Airport Terminal 1 & 2" and "Mehrabad Airport Terminal 4 & 6". Currently, there are four active terminals in Mehrabad Airport for which two Metro Stations have been set up. The two metro stations are circled in red in the image below:

Mehrabad Metro Stations

Once you have entered the underground station named "Mehrabad Airport", you have to follow the signs to get to the boarding area. After boarding the metro, you should be careful to get off in the immediate next station, named "Bimeh", to change trains.

Then, in the Bimeh Station, you should follow the signs and find the line 4 direction terminating in the "Shahid Kolahdouz" Station. Having boarded, you should get off in the immediate next station named "Meydan-e Azadi" Station. In this station you have to exit the underground. Then, as explained above, from the Azadi Square terminal, you have to find the taxi line moving to Dehkade-ye Olampik. The taxis in this line take you directly to the Campus.

A snapshot of the route is provided below:



Getting to Tehran by Train


If you travel from everywhere to Tehran by train, you will arrive at Tehran's Railway Station, located by the Rah-Ahan Square. At Tehran's Railway Station also, you will find different transport methods, among which the Metro and Taxi are suggested. The image below highlights the Railway's Metro Station, in red rectangle:

Railway Metro Station


To use Metro, in Tehran Railway Station you have to enter the underground and follow the signs to enter the Line 3 direction terminating in the "Gha'em Station". Then, you have to get off in “Teatr-e Shahr” Station and change trains according to the signs. You have to enter line 4 terminating in “Eram-e Sabz” Station, and get off in the Station named “Meydan-e Azadi” and proceed with the same instruction provided above.

Railway Taxi

Railway Taxi is also available in Tehran's Railway Station. Official Taxi Cars in Iran are in yellow or green colours.



Getting to Tehran by Bus

As the capital of the country, Tehran includes at least four main long-distance bus terminals, namely the Azadi / Gharb (west), Jonoub (south), Beihaghi / Arzhantin, and Shargh (east) Terminals.


As the Beihaghi / Arzhantin and the Sharq Terminals do not have any metro stations, you are suggested to use the official yellow / green Taxis to get to the faulty. You are also suggested to keep a snapshot of the Faculty's address in Persian and provide it to Taxi drivers, in case they do not know English. The FPE campus address in Persian is available below:


FPE Persian Address


However, if the bus takes you to the Azadi / Gharb or Jonoub Terminals, you have the Metro option. Therefore, you have to enter the metro station located in each terminal and select the appropriate line towards the "Meydan-e Azadi" Station. The image below highlights the metro stations located in Azadi and Jonoub Terminals:


Metro Stations in Azadi and Jonoub Terminals