Awards and Famous People

Awards and Famous People

The FPES enjoys a host of enthusiastic professors, researchers, and students in the areas of psychology, education, and the interdisciplinary areas of study related to these fields. Below, the FPE members who have received national and international awards and honors are listed. The list is by no mean exhaustive and is going to be completed.
Moreover, a large number of our staff are currently employed in various top decision and policy-making institutes and organizations. These people are enlisted briefly under the title of "famous people", at the same page. The list provided here only includes the names of those members who have allowed us to publish their names and honors . Therefore, the list in not exhaustive and needs to be completed.
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Academic Staff Awards

Dr Ali Delavar:
- ATU's first Top Professor
- Iran's Professor of the Year, 2013 and 2020 - Iran's Top Researcher, 2012 - Entitled as Top Professor by the National Elites Foundation, Iran

Dr Abdollah Shafiabadi:
- Professor of the Year, selected by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (2008)

Dr Zahra Rahimi:
- Ranked 4th in the 8th round of the Dr Kardan Best Lecturers Award
- Top Researcher Award in 3rd Professor Hesabi Festival

Dr Ali Khorsandi Taskoh:
- Award for Iran's Best Masters Dissertation (2002)

Dr Faramarz Sohrabi:
- Award for a quality article from 11th Congress of European Psychiatrists, Sweden
- Award from the State Welfare Organization of Iran, for his efforts in preventing social harms
- ATU's Top Researcher of the Year, 2014 - FPE Top Researcher, 2006 and 2014

Dr Zohreh Rafezi:
- Dr Kardan's Award for PhD Thesis, 2012
- Winning a Research Grant from Iran's Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council

Dr Golnesa Galyani Moghaddam:
- Winning a Research Grant from the EU for a Jean Monnet Project in Iran's Public Libraries (2019)

Dr Ali Jalali Dizaji:
- Iran's National Book Review Festival Award, 2017

Dr Mehdi Alipour Hafezi:
- Top Researcher Award from Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology, 2010, 2011, and 2012
- 3 Book Awards, 2012 and 2013
- Top Reviewer in 2 Iranian Journals, 2016
- FPES's Second Best Researcher, 2017

Dr Saeed Beheshti:
- Farabi Book Prize, 2018

Dr Parviz Sharifi Daramadi:
- FPES's Top Researcher

Dr Mitra Samiei:
- Best PhD thesis prize from the National Research Festival, 2010;
- Top Researcher at the National Library of Iran, 2011 and 2013;
- Her Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science was chosen as the Book of the Year in 2007.

Dr Saeed Beheshti:
- Farabi Book Prize, 2018

Dr Parviz Sharifi Daramadi:
- FPES's Top Researcher


Famous People

Dr Abdollah Shafiabadi:
- Father of the Counselling Science in Iran;
- Member of the Board of Directors at Iran's Counselling Association and the Association of Education Counsellors of the Islamic Republic of Iran
- Member of the Central Council in the Psychological and Counselling Organization of Iran
- Member of the Council for the First Phase of Transfers (Reopening of Universities) in 1982
- Planning and establishing the first PhD program in Counselling at ATU and Islamic Azad University, Sciences and Research Branch

Dr Somaye Kazemian:
- Head of the Crisis Committee, Iranian Counselling Association

Dr Mostafa Ghaderi:
- Deputy Head of the Iranian Curriculum Studies Association (present)

Dr Hassan Maleki:
- Deputy Minister of Education in the Parents and Teachers Association
- Director General of the Office for Planning and Compilation of Textbooks
- Director General of the Office for Primary Education
- Director General of the Office for Counselling and Advice

Dr Zahra Rahimi:
- Member of Mathematics Committee at the Office for Textbook Compilation, and Member of Iranian Council for Mathematical Planning

Dr Hamid Rahimian:
- Head of the Institute for Management Research and Training (affiliated to the Ministry of Energy) 1993-1996;
- Member of the Board of Directors at the Educational and Research Institute, affiliated to Iranian Chamber of Commerce, 2015-17

Dr Saeed Ghiasi Nodooshan:
- Adviser to the Deputy Minister for Culture and Social Affairs, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
- Head of the Office for Cultural and Social Policy, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Dr Jalil Younesi:
- Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Center for Faculty Recruitment, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (2016-2017)
- Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Tehran University of Applied Sciences (2017-18)
- Head of the Assessment Centre, Ministry of Health and Medical Education (2019-present)

Dr Ali Delavar:
- Member of the Supervisory Board for the National Board of Examiners
- Member of the Central Examining Board, Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology
- Member of the Examining Board at Allameh Tabataba'i University
- Member of the Examinig Board at Payame Noor and several other universities
- Head of the Young and Elite Researchers Club, Islamic Azad University

Dr Fariborz Dortaj:
- Vice-President for Research at the Institute for Research and Planning, Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology
- Vice-President for Research, Psychology and Counselling Organization of Iran
- Vice-President for Research, Allameh Tabataba'i University
- Vice-President for Administration and Finance, Allameh Tabataba'i University

Dr Soghra Ebrahimi Ghavam:
- Coordinator for the implementation of the MoU signed between Allameh Tabataba'i University and University of Poitiers, France
- Launching the international short-term course in Criminal-Judicial Psychology in ATU and University of Poitiers, 2018

Dr Kamran Sheivandi:
- Director General for Research, Psychology and Counseling Organization of Iran
- Head, National Committee on Post-Covid19 Pathology
- Head, Committee for Lifestyle and Ideological Courses
- Expert in Lifestyle and Parenting, IR Iran's Radio and Television

Dr Mohammadali Eslami:
- Counsellor, Vice-Presidency for Research, Iran's Elites Foundation
- Counsellor, Office of Cultural Studies and Social Policy, MSRT;
- Director, Scientific Publications and Content Production in Islamic Sciences, Supreme Leader's Representative Office in Universities;
- Head of Organizations, Union of Islamic Associations of Students at Universities and HE Institutes
- Head, Imam Sadiq Centre for Humanities Research (affiliated with Iran's Student Basij Organization)

Dr Esmaeil Sadipour:
- Former President of Payam-e Noor University
- Director General for Polling, Radio and Television Research Center

Dr Mohammad Reza Nili Ahmadabadi:
- Member of the Education Committee, Text Review Council, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
- Member of the Education Committee, Subcommittee for the Evolution and Development of Humanities

Dr Zohreh Rafezi:
- Member of the Board of Directors, Iranian Association of Social Psychology

Dr Mitra Samiei:
- Director of Processing and Organizing, National Archives and Library of Iran (1998-2014)
- Secretary of the TC46 Committee, since 2009
- Member of the Technical Board, National Standard Organization of Iran
- Member of the Board and Head of the Education Committee, Iran Librarian and Information Science Academy

Dr Ali Jalali Dizaji:
- Member of the National Organization for Educational Testing, 1993-2020
- Project Manager for Documentation and Thesaurus Compilation, Information Center, Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Tehran, Iran

Dr Mehdi Alipour Hafezi:
- Vice-President for Research, Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), 2012-2013
- One of the top-10 reviewers in the "Research on Information Science and Public Libraries" Scholarly Journal (2016)

Dr Saeed Beheshti:
- Member of the Education Committee, MSRT

Dr Irandokht Fayyaz:
- Head of the Education Commission, Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution (1998-2014)
- Secretary, National Council for Transformation and Renovation of the Educational System (2004-2013)
- Director General for Culture, Center for Research, Iranian Parliament
- Dean, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Allameh Tabataba'i University (2010-2013)

Dr Reza Maleki:
- Deputy Head for Education and Research, Islamic Culture and Communication Organisation (2008-2010)
- Cultural Counsellor, Iranian Embassy in Russian Federation (2014-2018)

Dr Seyed Mahdi Taheri:
- Member of the Iranian Elite Society
- Member of Emerald Literate Network

Dr Masoumeh Esmaeily:
- Head of the Iranian Counseling Association for three periods;
- Editorial Member of four journals;
- Counsellor in a number of national projects in the areas of family consolidation and cultural invasion;
- Membership in the Iranian Commission for Crime Prevention, Iran's Judiciary;
- Member of the research committee, Ministry of Education;
- Top researcher in 2011 and 2015;
- Reviewer in one of the Farabi Book Festivals.